Many people select an animal design to feature in their tattoo although there are various differing reasons they do so. Perhaps some view themselves as a bit of an animal or feel an infinity with a particular animal while others choose theirs to commemorate their favorite pet, to accompany them as reminder everywhere they go forever more. There is a growing demand for animal tattoos whatever the individual’s chosen reason and there are literally thousands of different ones to choose from. Some however, are more popular than others so lets take a look at the animals that are most in demand.

While snakes may not be everyone’s favorite animal, tattoos featuring these creatures have always been popular. The snake in a tattoo generally represents a deadly personality, power and poison but on the positive side they also have some more positive qualities. Throughout history they have been connected with medicine and healing particularly in areas like the rainforests. Frogs again may not be to everyone’s taste but these are surprisingly popular among women as they signify harmony, fertility, abundance of life and the arrival of spring which appeal to many females. They also make colorful and really cute designs too.

Dogs are one of the most sought after animal tattoos particularly in memorial of a favorite pet and not surprisingly most people who opt for this design want a specific breed. Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend and have had an impact on so many of us therefore it is unsurprising that so many people cope with the loss of their pet by getting a tattoo in their memory.  However, some may select a dog, particularly stronger more aggressive breeds, as a statement of toughness. Big cats are in great demand too particularly the panther and tiger. The former is sleek and fast but somewhat sly in nature. As well as being able to identify with these animals they also look great as a central image for any tattoo. These felines also represent strength and power and suit those with the personality of a mighty warrior which appeals to people form all walks of life. However, they also come in cute cuddly designs too like baby tiger cubs for those who want a softer edge to their tattoo.

There has also been an increase in Chinese designs in recent years in particularly fish tattoos like the Koi. These are very colorful creatures that make a beautiful eye catching design on any part of the body but they also stand for strength and courage, ideal for those who want their animal tattoos to exude masculinity. According to legend these tough fish could swim upward through waterfalls and upstream against the currents. Perhaps it is this ability to allegedly overcome adversity that makes them appealing to so many men and more recently with women too.

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