There are many reasons people opt for a cow tattoo not least because they love these adorable gentle animals with their unique attributes, however they are often chosen by those who grew up on a farm or in the countryside to remind them of their roots. These mostly come in black and white designs on their own or incorporated with other images that follow a related theme and can be realistic or more caricature in nature. They work well as smaller images however they can be scaled to suit a larger area of skin if desired. If this particular body art appeals to you, there are no shortages of designs to choose from and you are not just restricted to online tattoo galleries. Cute cow images can be found everywhere from everyday food and drink products, to household items such as paintings or on leisure products like clothing and toys.

Cows have a lovely temperament so many people find this a very therapeutic image to use as a tattoo as these animals exude an air of calm and tranquility which many humans would love to emulate. By choosing a cow tattoo, one may successfully harness the cow’s many admirable qualities or recognize those traits and use this particular body art to express them. Cows also make excellent mothers so a woman may opt for such a design as an expression of her maternal instincts. As well as being endearing creatures that appeal to so many, this particular animal is also been a crucial source of reliable and dependable supplies of meat and milk for human consumption for centuries.

There is also a much more symbolic meaning to this particular animal so it would make a good choice for someone who wants a tattoo that represents their spiritual beliefs. Hindus believe that the cow is both holy and divine; however it also signifies good luck and fortune too. InIndia, it is the most sacred creature and Hindus there revere the cow even more than they worship their mothers which originate from the Vedic scriptures which states “The cow is my mother,” as they both provide life-sustaining milk for nourishment. Cows featured highly in the legends of Hindu deities including Lord Krishna who was raised by a family while Shiva was often depicted riding on the back of Nandi, a bull. As body art, the cow tattoo is rich in symbolism and would be a suitable design to choose if one wanted the equivalent of a lucky charm inked on the body. According to Hinduism the cow is not just a symbol of wealth and abundance but also signifies strength of character, selflessness and fulfilment.

In Hinduism the cow is known as a holy and divine creature which is a symbol of good luck. In India Cow is considered to be the holiest animal and they worship it like their mother. The widespread presence of the Cow in many different and widespread cultural mythologies and early religions can be explained by the fact that cattle were among the first animals domesticated by man. This was a profound change in the organization of human social and political units and domesticated Cattle were a crucial source of reliable and dependable supplies of meat, milk and all else that the carcass could provide.

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