Animal images have always been popular for body art and birds of prey in particular are a favorite with many tattoo enthusiasts who want an impressive looking design that is rich in symbolism so let’s take a look at the significance of hawk tattoos. Overall, the hawk symbolizes the visionary power of insight, watchfulness, opportunities and guardianship however the symbolism may vary from culture to culture around the world.

To the Native American this is one of the favorite emblems which have been adopted in many tribal designs as this sacred bird is greatly revered by them. This awe and respect is partly due to the terrifying sound of its scream and the power of its might talons however the spirit of this bird is also associated with truth, perception and awareness. It is often used in body art designs accompanied by another popular totem the wolf, so if you see any hawk tattoos depicting these two together symbolism changes. Combined, the wolf and the hawk embody loyalty, trust and co-operation within the pack, or family.

Many of the designs associated with birds of prey have military connotations as these have been associated with war and victory for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Roman Gods of War used the hawk as well as the eagle as potent symbols of their power to evoke fear in their enemies as they went into battle. If a hawk precedes a warrior into battle, this is considered a good omen according to Hindu mythology and this is also an image that was used regularly in heraldry throughout the ages. As a couple, you may even want to consider getting matching hawk tattoos as the hawk generally only has one mate for life so it is a strong symbol for fidelity too.

From ancient civilizations right through to modern times, the hawk is a very strong symbol that regularly pops up in folklore and mythology from one end of the globe to the other. In the far Northern corners ofEurope, the Norse goddess Freya was always depicted adorned in the plumage of the hawks and its feathers were believed to symbolize her magical powers of flight and speed.  Further a field, Polynesian tribes referred to it as a bird of prophecy with healing attributes while it also played a huge part in several aspects of ancient Egyptian civilizations. According to their Book of the Dead, the parting soul takes the form of the hawk thus representing death and the journey to the spirit world making it a perfect symbol for victory, after a struggle between conflicting forces. There are many interesting legends and stories about this bird of prey through the ages, any of which could give you inspiration for hawk tattoos so detailed research is a must!

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